Live in Arica 2003

Released February 20, 2003 || Publicado el 20 de Enero del 2003

Live in Arica (2003)
1. The Breath Of My Sword.
My sword is thirsty of blood, she wants to obtain her immortality
The shield that covers me shines by the sun, with its radiance
A sacred helmet protects my fierce face of valiant warrior
And an invincible armor of gold preserves my immaculate body.

Murmurs of charms intoxicate my senses, I feel a nice parsimony
I take a bath in the balms of the philosopher’s stone that gave me the immortality.

Mounted on my horse, I ride for the combat
I descend to the valley where the battle will take place.

She observed my opponents to come and that with their blood
They will feed my sword and my honor
I will obtain the victory and this way my own glory
And I will extend my domains to obtain new vassals.

With my retinue of flunkies nobody will be able to conquer me.

Strong youths are my warriors
Willing to give the life for the victory...
The sign of our victory,
On those that have challenged my supremacy.
2. Divine Justice / Impious Hecatomb.
The east sun announced the beginning of the battle
Mounted on my steed I enroll to the lid
Armed and protected by the gods that aid me
I lift the flags of my coat of arms

The confrontation has begun, I attack in the battle
I draw my sword... and the blood doesn`t stop of running

Destroying my enemies with my sacred weapon
Winning the glory that will immortalize me in the later centuries

I am accustomed to scarlet
Upholstered by the blood of the warriors
That they spilled when facing my deity

A dark veil has covered this place
After having been exiled the life from my hand
The sun was eclipsed with the shine of my figure
My being’s light will determine the life and the death
3. A Day Of Victory.
Holodna hmooro.
Ee mruchno v doosheh
Kak mohg znat' ya shtoh tee oomriosh?

Do svidunia, bereg rodnoy
Kak nam troodno predstahvit shtoh eto nyeh sohn.
Rodina, dom radnoy,
Do svidunia Rodina.

Grab your swords and drink some wine
Then take a deep breath before you go into the battle
Fill your heart of hatred
And feel the rage run through your veins
Your muscles tight as you look at your enemies

You can´t wait no longer
Your mind is driven nerviously mad
By the anxiousness to be defeating your opponents

And the battle begins with the sound of swords of steel
A symphony followed by screams of agony....

Brave warrior as a violent storm you’ll fall on your enemies

Curse them with the edge of your sword
As a demon take the souls of those who defy your name

Sword-in-hand through the field I run
And my armor turns red as I make my path to glory
Victory I shall claim at the end of the journey
Brave warriors, follow me...
Lo! This will be a day of victory!
4. The Wise Warrior's Hankering.
Come and sit by the fire
Heed to what I have to say (because)
This great land’s fortune rests on you...

Make yourselves so strong that your enemies daunt
Everytime they look at you

But if you do this with violence you’ll breed more violence
Use it just when it is necesary
Protect your countrymen
Stay together like brothers

If you don’t do so, you will weaken the most important wearpon
The unity!
Remember... Unity means power
Stay together like brothers... That is what we are!

Together like brothers… that is what we are!

Cherish your women, sons and daughters
Their welfare is your main objective
Take care of your children’s mothers
For they are the most beautiful beings someone could have beside

Teach what I say…
Entrail the future of our Empire

Never let an invader step on this land
They will just destroy your home
Rape your women and enslave your children

Before that time comes
Draw your swords…
And swear to me
“With fury I will defend my land”
5. ...And The Light is Gone.
The combat has finished a thick fog now dominates these moors
This fog contains the souls of the dead warriors in the combat
The howls of the wolves show the anguish in the face of the scent of the death

The branches become agitated showing their disapproval

Flock of birds emigrate of this place and black clouds announce a gale
Walk with my naked sword on these gloomy grasslands
Men walk with the death, heroically
As an omnipotent being he observes their completed work

Remorse that smashed… my poise doesn´t exists
Since my will is the Sacred Justice

I feel the pain of contained cries
Sobs of the wounded nature
When being exiled the life
The snow will bury these wailings
For the rest of the coming centuries

The twilight announces the rejection of the sun in the face of the terrible tragedy
He abandons the creatures of this place, leaving them without their light, because
With the gotten victory I will be the new star of this place...

Oh, God Sun don´t abandon us because without your candor we will die
We need your heat that infuses us life or the dance of the death we will dance...

I am the Emperor of these lands, the life will depends on my power
Retinues of shades second me in my abject adventures
Dark task that I carry out with my magic sword
I will reign for always this forgotten kingdom